Content Marketing

An estimated 55 percent of your traffic will leave your website within 15 seconds of landing on the page. That does not give you a lot of time to engage your visitors and convince them to pay attention. Your content is supposed to be a key factor in convincing your visitors to stay and explore what you have to say, but many campaigns fall short.

Online marketing is not about just posting random content for your customers to somehow find. It is about building a relationship with people online and helping them to see why your brand is one worth paying attention to. It requires understanding what people would like to read and what they care about and producing high quality content to answer that need.

At Ansun Consulting Services we understand what it takes to build a content marketing campaign. By taking the time to intimately understand your business, your customers, your industry and your goals, we can help you leverage the power of online marketing.

Helping You Succeed in Content Marketing

Once you begin working with Ansun Consulting Services, you will speak with one of our specialists who will carefully flesh out the following key points:

  • Who are your target customers? (Your ideal customer personas)
  • What does the buyer’s journey look like for your brand?
  • What do your customers care about and what do they want to read?
  • Where do your customers hang out? Are they on social media?
  • What platforms?
  • How will you be gaging success? What do you want to see from your content marketing campaign?

Content Strategy

Search Engines look for good content. You may have a wonderful web design and an easily manageable CMS but if content is not good; it can act as a setback for your business. To correct the things you need to correct the content through a carefully designed strategy. Our content Strategy fixes the priorities as it holds the key to future; it can convert your ordinary content into the most valuable assets that search engine looks for.