Data Scientist

Data scientists are basically new generation of data experts who have the analytical, statistical, and programming skills to collect, analyze, and interpret large data sets. They use this information to find the solutions backed by the data for all kind of business challenges. Data scientists commonly have a degree or diploma in statistics, math, computer science, or economics. Data scientists have a wide range of technical expertise like statistics and machine learning, coding languages, databases, machine learning, and reporting technologies. Data and Analytics services in the following areas:

Data and Analytics services in the following areas:

  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Data Integration, Reporting, and Visualization
  • Analytics, Insights, and Intelligence
  • Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition


  • Provide single source of truth to business
  • Ensure consistency and quality of data being used for analytics
  • Eliminate data retrieval problems
  • Make decisions more efficiently with highly visual representation of data
  • Use social media analytics such as media and behavioural analytics
  • Provide personalization to connect with viewers
  • Track quality of content and viewership and get targeted advertising
  • Help uncover new revenue streams