Refund Policy

All Products obtained from the Website appreciate thirty (30) days. After 30 Days all Warranty and Customer issue will be directed to the manufacture company like HP, Epson and Canon.

Any Product, obtained from the Website, can be returned to the Company inside thirty (30) days of conveyance of the same to User by sending an email to or ask for by logging a call with Company Customer Care by telephone on 1 (877) 792 7103. Any Product acquired from the Website can be returned to the Company just if the Product provided by the Company is harmed, damaged or the Product got is not the same as the Item that was requested. The User should guarantee that he/she doesn’t acknowledge the conveyance of any Product whose unique bundling is harmed or altered in any way.

In the occasion if User, on expelling the bundling of the Item, finds the Product is harmed as well as blemished as well as is not the same as the Product that was requested, User might instantly cozy the Company Customer Care Center about such harm or potentially imperfection as well as contrast and the Company might orchestrate the substitution of the Product or discount of cost of the Product alongside transportation charges, assuming any, gathered by the Company in the impossible occasion of the Company being not able supplant the harmed or potentially flawed Product. For any Refund or Exchange/Replacement of Product the pertinent arrangements of Refund and Exchange might apply as given in this.

If there should arise an occurrence of Cancellation (Return/Replacement) of request after conveyance of the Product to User, the Company will mastermind get of the Product to be returned. Client will help and participate completely to restore the Product with its manuals, booklets, guarantee card, adornments, complimentary gifts and pressing materials or whatever other thing which were conveyed to User along with the Product being returned. At the season of pickup the User will be given affirmation of get by the Organization Logistical Partner. Client ought to hold the said affirmation and statement or item the same in all his/her future correspondences with the Company in such manner.